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¥VE$ (Ibuki”¥VE$”Kase) is a 21years old photographer who is based in Japan.
He has taken some awesome photographs of Reggae Artists and has made portrait shots as his signature.
Three years ago (at the age of 17) he made his solo photo exhibition “Smile Jamaica”where he won the prestigious PHOTOPRESSO excellence award. The competition was judged by CANON.
He’s also won various awards in photo contests such as UENO HIKOMA Award,
photo magazine CAPA Award and many other regional accolades.
He beautifully captures real human experiences and daily life of people in his own inimitable way.
To see his photos, you can’t help but to feel his love for the models.
A simple yet powerful message of love will surely resonate with you.



instagram@ yveslovephoto

CONTACT: info@yvesphoto.work