加瀬息吹(かせ いぶき)

1998 年福岡県北九州市生まれ。子どもの頃から母親の仕事関係の海外ミュージシャンと過ごし、 音楽やアートに溢れた環境で育つ。特にジャマイカのレゲエミュージシャンたちとの親交は深く、 10 歳になるまで自分をジャマイカ人だと思っていた。
17 歳の時ジャマイカのゲットーに借家し、地元の人々の日常をカメラに収める。帰国後、写真展「SMILE JAMAICA」を開催する。
高校卒業後、九州産業大学芸術学部 写真・映像メディア学科へ進学する。
2018 年、再びジャマイカへ渡り写真を撮る。帰国後、写真展「Island Vibes ~レゲエはジャマイ カ人の心の鼓動」を開催し各メディアでも大きく取り上げられる。日本でも海外でもストリートに 立ち、独自のカルチャーが感じられる人たちに声をかけポートレイトを撮り続けている。常に被写 体へのリスペクトを忘れず、近距離から撮影するスタイルを貫いている。海外ミュージシャンの写 真も多く撮影し、最近では写真をデザインしたアパレルの制作も手がけている。

上野彦馬フォトコンテスト学生の部入選/キャノン PHOTOPRESSO 優秀作品賞/第 121 回九州写真師会連盟写真展覧会入選/第 3 回写真出版賞ドキュメンタリー部門優秀賞/九州産業大学理事長賞

Ibuki “¥VE$” Kase was born in 1998 in Kokura, Kitakyushu City, Japan. He has spent time with foreign musicians working for his mother since childhood. He was especially close to Jamaican reggae musicians, so he believed he was Jamaican until he turned 10 years old. This had a great influence on his personality, his love for music, and his sociability.

When he was 17 years old, he went to Jamaica and took pictures there. After returning to Japan, he held a photo exhibition called “Smile Jamaica”.
He started attending the Faculty of Arts, Department of Photography and Video Media at Kyushu Sangyo University in 2017. In 2018, he visited Jamaica again to take photos. After returning to Japan, he held a photo exhibition called “Island Vibes” and it became a big topic of conversation in the media.

He hangs out on the streets both in Japan and abroad, and continues to take photos by talking to people who have some kind of unique culture. He keeps his style which involves shooting from a close range without forgetting his respect for the subject. He has taken many photographs of foreign musicians. Recently, he has been involved in the production of apparel using his photographs for the designs.